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Welcome to My Suspension Parts Store
featuring Moog Coil Springs - Variable rate Coil Springs

MOOG© is the preferred brand of replacement chassis parts by professional technicians. MOOG© products are specifically designed and developed for the needs of the aftermarket, to help solve steering and suspension problems and to deliver solutions that make installation easier. Professional technicians trust and value MOOG© because of their reputation for solving problems. Vehicle owners who use MOOG© parts enjoy responsive handling and the return of a "like-new" feel to their steering. And for more than 40 years, every NASCAR© Cup champion has relied on MOOG© ball joints for performance and durability. MOOG© steering and suspension parts provide innovative features and specific problem-solving designs that make them the perfect choice for technicians and vehicle owners.

We offer only Moog & Rockwell coil springs they are the industry standard in Performance & Quality
Cadillac Eldorado Coil Springs
                     Front          Rear
 Manual TransAutomatic Trans 
Eldorado , All Engines
79-85ALLAll Exc.Conv    5707 CC637
77-78ALL2 Dr.Hrdtp    5329  
1976ALLAll Exc.Conv    53296363  
1976ALLConv    52475543 
74-75ALLCpe    5329  
We stock a complete line of Moog Chassis Suspension Parts Including Coil Springs

MOOG provides several features and benefits on both our constant-rate springs and our cargo-coil, variable-rate springs.On both, we heat-treat the alloy steel to ensure the coils rebound fully and resist sagging. We also provide constant-rate springs with an enamel coating that resists corrosion and extends service life.While many coil springs are equipped with protective tubes to insulate the clash of metal on metal, MOOG uses a premium urethane tube that will outlast our competitors’ PVC tubes on both our constant-rate and variable-rate coil springs

MOOG© offers two types of coil springs: constant-rate springs that restore handling to its original state, and cargo-coil, variable-rate springs as an upgrade for vehicles that carry heavy loads.MOOG's constant-rate springs are built to replace original equipment springs, returning ride height and body sway to original performance levels. Replacing worn coil springs with MOOG constant-rate springs restores vehicle handling.

My Suspension Products
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